Dear You finding a dreamland,

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for three years. During one summer, I stayed for a month in Culebra, a smaller island in Puerto Rico. It was for working, but I enjoyed the most out of this place so much. Beautiful beach, sunshine, culture, and people. Whoa!

Hey, if you’re interested on ‘relieving stress,’ read my letter, Dear You with stresses,. It will help you to get some common ground. 

It was during the summer of 2014. Culebra, Puerto Rico was hot and bright. There, I spent a month to explore all the places in the island. The people are very kind and laid back. One of the best beaches I have ever been is called, Flamenco beach. This place is just amazing to chillax. I am sure that anybody who sees the beach can get rid of all the stresses. As you see a minor part of the Flamenco beach in the photo below, memories and more memories remain in me.

I have more pictures on Facebook (<click).

If you want to spend some time in a beautiful dreamland, Culebra, Puerto Rico is the right place for you. You deserve it!

from: probaboy

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