Dear You cry baby,

It’s okay, don’t resist crying. If you feel like crying, do so as much as you need to. Even for scientific reason, crying is actually good for you. It eases your stress, cleanses your eyes, and even earn sympathy from surroundings. Don’t get embarrassed like I did. Just keep crying until you feel better.

If you wanna know a secret about ‘laughter,’ read my letter, Dear You laughing constantly,. It will reveal the power of laugh.

I get, ‘you look so cold,’ many times. They would not believe that I would ever cry. I guess, to many, the look matters. Surprisingly (not), I am actually a cry baby. Sometimes, when I am driving and a sad song comes out, I start to lament. Hahaha. If you were there to see me, it’s actually a very funny situation because I just start crying all of a sudden. But the good thing is that it all comes down appreciating my situation comparing to the worst. Thank God for that.

All, I mean, all people have ups and downs. You too. So, cry when you feel like it because that might be the only way to get back on track. It’s much better than falling into a chronic great depression.

I think there’re too many appreciation for being positive. But, seldom, we forget about how to manage the negatives. Why don’t you keep taking that brain shower, and get back to the life game soon. I will be waiting for you out there to encourage you! Blessings!

from: probaboy

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