Dear You laughing constantly,

I just wanted to appreciate you for making the world a better place with your uplifting laughter. You’re blessed. People love you because your giggles make us smile as well. All that breath taking burst, hahaha! I don’t know any scientific term to describe this attraction, but there’s some kind of hidden power that makes us recharged and motivated. Thanks again. Hahaha!

Hey, if you’re interested in a topic, ‘how to make friends,’ read my letter, Dear You looking for friends,. It’ll help you to open up your mind.

Oh, endorphin is the hormone secreted when we laugh. It helps us to forget pains and makes us happy. Well, I believe so because I forget my emotional stresses when I laugh. Also, the existence of professional laugh-therapists reveals that laughter works miracles.

I am currently giggling as I remember your funny laughs. Hahahaha. Keep laughing and smiling so that more people can be happy and even get healed from various diseases. Let more stress-free times come with your contagious laughter.

from: probaboy

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