Dear You generous to click ‘like’ button,

Thank you for showing love by clicking ‘like’ on my contents. You don’t know how much I wait for the number of ‘like’s to go up. I know that you probably expect and think the same thing as I do because social media is part of our lives. It’s true that sometimes I forget to appreciate on a good content with that simple respect.  However, you’ve reminded me to have the online manner again.

Hey, if you’re interested in topic, ‘appreciating laughter,’ read my letter, Dear You laughing constantly,. I believe we need to laugh more and more.

As you know, my Instagram ID is ‘probaboy.’ When people double-tap and show love to a coffee photo, I really appreciate that. It really gives me motivation to put more contents up. But, when there’s no ‘like’s, I feel like I should stop uploading. So, my point is, like it, share it, comment, and return for the next one. Hahaha.

Your generous act on liking a content really helps the content creators to be motivated. So, I thank you again for giving me a good energy! See you on next letter.

from: probaboy

Instagram: probaboy     YouTube: probaboy


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