Dear You coffee lover,

When that steamy and strong coffee bean molecules hit your olfactory nerves at the entrance of your favorite cafe, you probably close your eyes for a second and think, ‘wow, can’t wait to sip that cappuccino, umm!’ Or sometimes, you might be brewing and making your own espresso at your kitchen table while humming causally your favorite song. Whatever you prefer, today, I want you to try my favorite addiction.

Hey, if you’re interested on a topic, ‘how to focus,’ read my letter, Dear You distracted from studying,. It’ll help you to focus on your study topic. 

You would prefer staying on your comfortable zone while drinking coffee. I understand. It’s stress-free taste. However, try this. It’s the same coffee. But I found out that the taste gets deeper when you challenge yourself. Here’s how. Ask, ‘what coffee did you get?’ to the person next to you; a total stranger. With that sparkling nerve tingling sensation added to the mocha taste, your body starts to warm up and that extra dopamine will make your morning even better.

You’ve got the point right? With your coffee and that butterfly on your tummy really sparkle your brain that the taste will remain for a while. What makes even better is that now you have a new pal who can share your favorites. And, keep in mind that your next coffee would be better than today’s.

from: probaboy

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