Dear You distracted from studying,

What do you think about some smart people studying only two hours a day? Many people, including myself, sit in the library for hours, but we give so much excuses after failing the exams. What’s the difference between the top class and you and me? One thing I’ve heard and found out is that they are super good in focusing at given materials.

Hey, if you are interested in a topic, ‘how to release stress,’ read my letter, Dear You with stress,. You’ll be able to breathe some cold air.

So! the first step is to get rid of all distractions.

Hunger, friends, Korean politics, YouTube videos, Naver webtoons (cartoons), and sleepiness are my biggest distractions. If I can overcome these things, I have so much more potential to step the game up on my next exam. Yet, like the water dam breaks out of a single hole, my big study decision breaks apart with a single ‘like’ notification. Come on! Vamos!

Next is to  master on one topic first. When you dig a hole, it’s better to dig one part deep first. Then, break down the surroundings which makes the soil much easier to empty out. Similarly, mastering one point makes easier for the next point to stick on the brain because the connection gets stronger. Think about it. The name, ‘Hoyoung,’ would be much easier to pronounce it if you knew the guy personally.

Finally, repetition is the key. Think about the words and ideas that you use all the time. They are so natural that you use them all the time. For example, names, greeting expressions, and swearing words are so easily exhaled through our pure mouths. But, those drugs names won’t stick on my big brain that I still don’t have to look up the functions of Albuterol and Benadryl. Que cochinow!

I know you’re stressed for your next exam. But, make a habit of putting the whole energy when you focus. Dig into that one subject. And, repeat daily. You’ll get the next game. Let’s get this thing done. I believe in you!

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