Dear You craving a good ramen,

Imagine a rainy, foggy, kinda depressing, and little bit cold afternoon. The whole ambient is just calling you to cuddle in your bed. After few minutes twisting and stretching your stiff muscles, you realize that you crave something warm salty liquid food. Yet, the only food you’ve got on the cabin is an instant ramen. Wait, don’t just cook yet. I’ll show you some ‘wisdom’ on how to make a good ramen.

Hey, if you’re interested in a topic, ‘how to overcome laziness,’ read my letter, Dear You feeling lazy,. It’ll help you to get some motivation to get back on track.

So, a while ago, I made a video on making a ramen: ‘Valentines day ramen.’ You can watch it to see how I made it first. Here’s the video:

How’d you think about it? Please share your own way of making ramen on comment!

I know that you’ll feel sleepy a little after eating. But, don’t forget to brush your teeth before taking a nap or sleep!

from: probaboy

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