Dear You with presentation anxiety,

Hi again. Today, I picked a subject that you can prepare for your presentation. Whenever you have any nervousness, try this method that I used. It’s pretty obvious, but it will assure you to have motivation. And, the method that I want to emphasize is practice. Yeah, practice.

Hey, if you are interested in a topic, ‘how to make friends,’ you can read my letter, Dear You looking for friends,. It’ll add to your extra skill collection on making friends.

So, let’s continue to think about losing presentation anxiety. Actually, let’s start by watching my video on ‘how to lose presentation anxiety.’ Here’s the video:


What do you think about the video? Was the method too obvious? Was it motivational?

When I was translating for the first time, the biggest enemy was not to get sucked into a single idea. If so, then, I would forget the rest of the sentence. Instead, transferring the big picture was more important than the details. Realizing this simple tip, it was easier for me to elaborate the stories. Of course, capturing those small details are the extra Parmesan cheese on chicken Alfredo, but it is more important to transfer the whole idea and the feelings. Anyways, how did I not fall into the hole of nervousness?

The more you practice, the more ideas come up. Also, you get more comfortable talking about the subject in ‘freestyle.’ As long as you don’t miss the points that you have to talk about, the humors, visual slides, and preps are your tools to elaborate your stories. Basically, if you try to describe what you don’t know it well is hard, but showing what you are by preparing for long time is easy. Show what you are!

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