Dear You looking for friends,

Again, I want to start with my short story. I moved to California in mid 2016. Trump and Hillary were fighting hard at that time. But, I wasn’t really interested in what was going on beyond my reach. Instead, I was eager to build my own community because I knew nobody in town. So, I had to start making friends at some point. Which means, I had to approach to someone, ask their names, and start building common grounds with them. And, I did.

Hey, if you are happened to look for, ‘how to deal with stresses,’then read this letter: Dear You with stress,. It’ll give you some comfort.

My main motivation came from a typical one. I went to a church where my parents went. But, I couldn’t find any people around my age. So, I thought of two choices: First, it was a thought saying, ‘should I go to another church?’ second, ‘should I start a movement here?’ I don’t know why, but I chose the harder one. I chose to break my comfort-zone-wall, and challenged myself to meet and bring new people to church. To do so, I started to go out where I could meet people.

First, I went to Topspin, a table tennis club. I started smiling hard to people. I just focused on shaking people’s hand hard. I tried to meet as many people as possible. I asked their names, hobbies, and interests. I took their numbers too. I kept going to the club. After months, I started contacting about two or three people in a daily basis.

Then, I started going to a nearby cafe, Voyager Craft Coffee. By the way, their coffee is just awesome! Anyhow, I start studying there. Few days later, I could make a friend or two. But, because my purpose was to study, I couldn’t hold on to many people. Yet, I still agree that a cafe is a good place to meet new people if you like seeing strangers who have common taste with coffee.

As you’ve already read the point where I am going, it’s about how much you put yourself within the crowd. It’s the frequency and a good chance that would make you to have a connection with people. So, You needing affection, go out and mingle.

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