Dear You feeling lazy,

Hey you, I know exactly how you feel now because that’s how I feel right at the moment. Probably, you can’t focus at work or with your studies, or you don’t even have a motivation to move around. In fact, many times, I sit in front of the computer, watch YouTube for hours, eat some junk food, and return to sleep. How useless and unproductive times! I know, but at least we need to think, ‘Ahhh! I want to get out of this life pattern!’

So, the question is, ‘How should we get over this?’

Recently, I organized my thoughts and tried to come up with a better lifestyle. Still in a process but now, I don’t have to lag my brain out saying, ‘I am gonna do it after watching this prank video,’ any more. Instead, I can start my task right away not waiting until the last day. How do I do that?

Here’s a cool way to do step up your life game. Just remember this: “I am a VIP (very important person).” It sounds funny to philosophical, but it is true that we live only once. So, why can’t you be the main character? Why can’t you get all those super expensive items and potions that game characters obtain in online games? In fact, you can. By changing the perspective of your roll in your own life, everything comes in the “right” position.

Obviously, you’re the main character in your own life movie. However, you often think, “I am just a cameo of his or her movie,” or at least act like one. No! You are the main character. You get to choose the pie. You get the luxury house. You will be successful. You become happy. You are the creator of the main stream of your life movie. You’re the Vlogger! Organize your thoughts. And start thinking that you’re “The VIP.”

Set the goal like the movie characters do. Set it high. And start thinking. Think about the goal for the longest time. Think constantly, continuously, and constructively. And, think it everyday. Also, remember some ‘No’s.

Comfort zone, is one of the problems. It is constantly created. It will drag you to have the same thoughts as you did in the beginning. That’s why you need to create a routine of practicing your new ideas. For example, try to eat lunch with different people each day. Vlog and blog each day. Take photos. Write poems. Prepare presentations. Make an art. Draw a picture. Keep moving your brain. Challenge new ideas.

I know the life story goes up and down. It seems there are more downs than ups. It’s because we tend to remember negative things more. If that bothers you, keep recording the good times, and refresh them every morning. Keep a diary of positive memories, and meditate at each beginning of the day.

For last, I want to motivate you with a big hug. There’s so many things that words cannot give strength to you when a small genuine hug can do. So, keep it up, and let’s turn to the next chapter of our life: Chapter X. Victory.

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