Dear You finding a dreamland,

I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for three years. During one summer, I stayed for a month in Culebra, a smaller island in Puerto Rico. It was for working, but I enjoyed the most out of this place so much. Beautiful beach, sunshine, culture, and people. Whoa!

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It was during the summer of 2014. Culebra, Puerto Rico was hot and bright. There, I spent a month to explore all the places in the island. The people are very kind and laid back. One of the best beaches I have ever been is called, Flamenco beach. This place is just amazing to chillax. I am sure that anybody who sees the beach can get rid of all the stresses. As you see a minor part of the Flamenco beach in the photo below, memories and more memories remain in me.

I have more pictures on Facebook (<click).

If you want to spend some time in a beautiful dreamland, Culebra, Puerto Rico is the right place for you. You deserve it!

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Dear You cry baby,

It’s okay, don’t resist crying. If you feel like crying, do so as much as you need to. Even for scientific reason, crying is actually good for you. It eases your stress, cleanses your eyes, and even earn sympathy from surroundings. Don’t get embarrassed like I did. Just keep crying until you feel better.

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I get, ‘you look so cold,’ many times. They would not believe that I would ever cry. I guess, to many, the look matters. Surprisingly (not), I am actually a cry baby. Sometimes, when I am driving and a sad song comes out, I start to lament. Hahaha. If you were there to see me, it’s actually a very funny situation because I just start crying all of a sudden. But the good thing is that it all comes down appreciating my situation comparing to the worst. Thank God for that.

All, I mean, all people have ups and downs. You too. So, cry when you feel like it because that might be the only way to get back on track. It’s much better than falling into a chronic great depression.

I think there’re too many appreciation for being positive. But, seldom, we forget about how to manage the negatives. Why don’t you keep taking that brain shower, and get back to the life game soon. I will be waiting for you out there to encourage you! Blessings!

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Dear You generous to click ‘like’ button,

Thank you for showing love by clicking ‘like’ on my contents. You don’t know how much I wait for the number of ‘like’s to go up. I know that you probably expect and think the same thing as I do because social media is part of our lives. It’s true that sometimes I forget to appreciate on a good content with that simple respect.  However, you’ve reminded me to have the online manner again.

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As you know, my Instagram ID is ‘probaboy.’ When people double-tap and show love to a coffee photo, I really appreciate that. It really gives me motivation to put more contents up. But, when there’s no ‘like’s, I feel like I should stop uploading. So, my point is, like it, share it, comment, and return for the next one. Hahaha.

Your generous act on liking a content really helps the content creators to be motivated. So, I thank you again for giving me a good energy! See you on next letter.

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Dear You laughing constantly,

I just wanted to appreciate you for making the world a better place with your uplifting laughter. You’re blessed. People love you because your giggles make us smile as well. All that breath taking burst, hahaha! I don’t know any scientific term to describe this attraction, but there’s some kind of hidden power that makes us recharged and motivated. Thanks again. Hahaha!

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Oh, endorphin is the hormone secreted when we laugh. It helps us to forget pains and makes us happy. Well, I believe so because I forget my emotional stresses when I laugh. Also, the existence of professional laugh-therapists reveals that laughter works miracles.

I am currently giggling as I remember your funny laughs. Hahahaha. Keep laughing and smiling so that more people can be happy and even get healed from various diseases. Let more stress-free times come with your contagious laughter.

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Dear You coffee lover,

When that steamy and strong coffee bean molecules hit your olfactory nerves at the entrance of your favorite cafe, you probably close your eyes for a second and think, ‘wow, can’t wait to sip that cappuccino, umm!’ Or sometimes, you might be brewing and making your own espresso at your kitchen table while humming causally your favorite song. Whatever you prefer, today, I want you to try my favorite addiction.

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You would prefer staying on your comfortable zone while drinking coffee. I understand. It’s stress-free taste. However, try this. It’s the same coffee. But I found out that the taste gets deeper when you challenge yourself. Here’s how. Ask, ‘what coffee did you get?’ to the person next to you; a total stranger. With that sparkling nerve tingling sensation added to the mocha taste, your body starts to warm up and that extra dopamine will make your morning even better.

You’ve got the point right? With your coffee and that butterfly on your tummy really sparkle your brain that the taste will remain for a while. What makes even better is that now you have a new pal who can share your favorites. And, keep in mind that your next coffee would be better than today’s.

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Dear You distracted from studying,

What do you think about some smart people studying only two hours a day? Many people, including myself, sit in the library for hours, but we give so much excuses after failing the exams. What’s the difference between the top class and you and me? One thing I’ve heard and found out is that they are super good in focusing at given materials.

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So! the first step is to get rid of all distractions.

Hunger, friends, Korean politics, YouTube videos, Naver webtoons (cartoons), and sleepiness are my biggest distractions. If I can overcome these things, I have so much more potential to step the game up on my next exam. Yet, like the water dam breaks out of a single hole, my big study decision breaks apart with a single ‘like’ notification. Come on! Vamos!

Next is to  master on one topic first. When you dig a hole, it’s better to dig one part deep first. Then, break down the surroundings which makes the soil much easier to empty out. Similarly, mastering one point makes easier for the next point to stick on the brain because the connection gets stronger. Think about it. The name, ‘Hoyoung,’ would be much easier to pronounce it if you knew the guy personally.

Finally, repetition is the key. Think about the words and ideas that you use all the time. They are so natural that you use them all the time. For example, names, greeting expressions, and swearing words are so easily exhaled through our pure mouths. But, those drugs names won’t stick on my big brain that I still don’t have to look up the functions of Albuterol and Benadryl. Que cochinow!

I know you’re stressed for your next exam. But, make a habit of putting the whole energy when you focus. Dig into that one subject. And, repeat daily. You’ll get the next game. Let’s get this thing done. I believe in you!

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Dear You craving a good ramen,

Imagine a rainy, foggy, kinda depressing, and little bit cold afternoon. The whole ambient is just calling you to cuddle in your bed. After few minutes twisting and stretching your stiff muscles, you realize that you crave something warm salty liquid food. Yet, the only food you’ve got on the cabin is an instant ramen. Wait, don’t just cook yet. I’ll show you some ‘wisdom’ on how to make a good ramen.

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So, a while ago, I made a video on making a ramen: ‘Valentines day ramen.’ You can watch it to see how I made it first. Here’s the video:

How’d you think about it? Please share your own way of making ramen on comment!

I know that you’ll feel sleepy a little after eating. But, don’t forget to brush your teeth before taking a nap or sleep!

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Dear You with presentation anxiety,

Hi again. Today, I picked a subject that you can prepare for your presentation. Whenever you have any nervousness, try this method that I used. It’s pretty obvious, but it will assure you to have motivation. And, the method that I want to emphasize is practice. Yeah, practice.

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So, let’s continue to think about losing presentation anxiety. Actually, let’s start by watching my video on ‘how to lose presentation anxiety.’ Here’s the video:


What do you think about the video? Was the method too obvious? Was it motivational?

When I was translating for the first time, the biggest enemy was not to get sucked into a single idea. If so, then, I would forget the rest of the sentence. Instead, transferring the big picture was more important than the details. Realizing this simple tip, it was easier for me to elaborate the stories. Of course, capturing those small details are the extra Parmesan cheese on chicken Alfredo, but it is more important to transfer the whole idea and the feelings. Anyways, how did I not fall into the hole of nervousness?

The more you practice, the more ideas come up. Also, you get more comfortable talking about the subject in ‘freestyle.’ As long as you don’t miss the points that you have to talk about, the humors, visual slides, and preps are your tools to elaborate your stories. Basically, if you try to describe what you don’t know it well is hard, but showing what you are by preparing for long time is easy. Show what you are!

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Dear You looking for friends,

Again, I want to start with my short story. I moved to California in mid 2016. Trump and Hillary were fighting hard at that time. But, I wasn’t really interested in what was going on beyond my reach. Instead, I was eager to build my own community because I knew nobody in town. So, I had to start making friends at some point. Which means, I had to approach to someone, ask their names, and start building common grounds with them. And, I did.

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My main motivation came from a typical one. I went to a church where my parents went. But, I couldn’t find any people around my age. So, I thought of two choices: First, it was a thought saying, ‘should I go to another church?’ second, ‘should I start a movement here?’ I don’t know why, but I chose the harder one. I chose to break my comfort-zone-wall, and challenged myself to meet and bring new people to church. To do so, I started to go out where I could meet people.

First, I went to Topspin, a table tennis club. I started smiling hard to people. I just focused on shaking people’s hand hard. I tried to meet as many people as possible. I asked their names, hobbies, and interests. I took their numbers too. I kept going to the club. After months, I started contacting about two or three people in a daily basis.

Then, I started going to a nearby cafe, Voyager Craft Coffee. By the way, their coffee is just awesome! Anyhow, I start studying there. Few days later, I could make a friend or two. But, because my purpose was to study, I couldn’t hold on to many people. Yet, I still agree that a cafe is a good place to meet new people if you like seeing strangers who have common taste with coffee.

As you’ve already read the point where I am going, it’s about how much you put yourself within the crowd. It’s the frequency and a good chance that would make you to have a connection with people. So, You needing affection, go out and mingle.

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